PURN Mineral Mixture

The PURN MINERAL MIXTURE is color less, order less proportionate composite mixture of the various minerals in the free flow powder form. Which contains the proper ratio of the various mineral supplements to supply the different nutrients in the correct manner as required for healthy animal to maintain various productive functions in the body.

The different minerals contents in the PURN MINERAL MIXTURE plays very important role in the regulation of several essential metabolic functions in the body of animal. The important function of the PURN MINERAL MIXTURE in animal body is mainly…. “Acts for structural components of marinating the body skeleton, for constituents of body fluids and tissues as well as for catalysts in enzyme and hormones system”.

PURN mineral mixture provides following macro and micro mineral for the above functions are as under.


Macro Mineral
Calcium Phosphorus

Magnesium Sulphur

For bones & teeth formation

For more milk production

For metabolic functions of healthy animal


Micro (trace) Mineral
Copper, Zinc, Cobalt

Manganese, Iodine

Which are essential for Functions of the body.




  • To increases the milk production.
  • To cures infertility caused due to mineral deficiency & to reduces the inter-calving period.
  • To improves resistance against diseases like mastitis.
  • Enhance fiber digestion & prevents Ruminal Disorders.
  • Maintain Calcium in the body & prevent against born diseases.

Purn Mineral Mixture