PURN Chelated Premix Supplements

PURN Milk Magic Comprises all the essential minerals(micro minerals in a chelated form) for dairy animals. PURN Milk Magic is a complete health and much more.It have a wide range of activities and functions within the body,being involved individually or collectivity in general metabolism,reproduction, the immune system,growth, development and repair of varius tissues and so on.

Source Of Minerals plays a key role in their bioavailability.

Natural feedstuff such as corn, wheat, soyabean meal, etc. contains essential trace elements, which are required by animals. However, these trace elements are often in a form, which renders them unavailable to the animal. Also, even if the elements were totally available, in many cases, they would not be in adequate concerntrations to meet the animal’s daily requirement.

Therefore, When deficiencies of one or more of the trace mineral elements exist in a diet, they are usually provided to the animal in an inorganic supplemental form. Again, as we know; inorganic minerals have very low bio-availibility. So, to fulfil the gap of need in an adequate fashion; it is advisable to supplement an animal diet with Mineral Mixture comprising at least chelated micro minerals.

Considering the matter narrated above as a fact, it is advisable to utilize the PURN MILK Magic while preparing the Premix supplement feed for the dairy animals. It Comprices trace mineral namely Copper, Zinc & Chromium in chelated from.


                                      ANIMAL REPRODUCTION

                                                                             ANIMAL PRODUCTION

PURN Milk Magic(with chelated Trace minerals)provides a balance blend of essential trace element for dairy animals to ensure optimum health, immunity, fertility and production.

Purn Milk Magic